Saudi Groove

Saudi Groove Festival, held in Jeddah on May 5th, showcased the thriving electronic music scene in Saudi Arabia. The festival, energized by Power Horse, aimed to support local talent and promote unity within the community. It provided a platform for emerging Saudi Arabian artists and international DJs to share their unique sounds and connect with a broader audience. With a commitment to nurturing homegrown talent, the festival played a significant role in shaping the country's cultural landscape. By embracing diversity and pushing boundaries, the event celebrated the power of music to unite people from different backgrounds. The Saudi Groove Festival, marked an important milestone in the evolution of electronic music in the region, creating a vibrant and inclusive space for music enthusiasts.

STREETSOUK is a streetwear convention that
celebrates the vibrant streetwear culturein
Nigeria. Street Souk is powered and
championed by the youth and energized
by Power Horse since 2017 . The consortium
assembles Africa’s upcoming and established
streetwear brands together in one place;
creating new opportunitiesto reach
passionate fans and selling original merchandise
directly toconsumers.
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